Author Topic: How to use dBackup to make a copy of your PP Image  (Read 1660 times)

How to use dBackup to make a copy of your PP Image
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In this post I will try and guide you through the use of dBackup

But first what is dBackup ©gutemine
It's a plugin develope by gutemine that allows you to create a full backup image of your PP Image.
This is very nice to have in case you crash your Dreambox and needs to restore it fast.

If you have not connected a Usb memory Stick and mounted to your Dreambox you can still create a backup to your /data/ folder.
This folder is part of the Internal memory so it's preferd that you use your HDD or other device, But it's not nessery.

Step 1
Plugin should be installed already since i build it into the PP image.
So open dBackup and press GreenButton to start the backup.

Step 2
Now chose the location for your backup. And press OK button to select

Step 3
Now press Green button to start the backup process
While backup is running you can still use the box but it's best to just leave it as it is.

Step 4
When backup is done you get a message just press OK to finnish.

Step 5
Now we want to store the image on our computer so we can access it easy if we need to restore the image.
With ftp open the selcted backup location during the dBackup process and find the image file, allways ends with time date and tar.xz
Download the image to your computer for safe storage.

If you upgrade or add new things then you can just repeate this guide to create a new version  :)

To restore the Image just put your Dreambox into Rescue Mode and flash it back.
Just be sure you have unchecked the 2 small boxes asking if you want to backup & restore your settings.
They are most stupid things in the flash tool and are almost allways the reason when a box goes dead or red light error.
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