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How-To use PP-Standard-HD skin in PETER PAN
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Important!! Before you start make sure your image is up to date!!
Open PP menu with Blue Button >> PP News & Info >> Blue Button for PP softwareupdate

PP-Standard-HD is the only skin in this image. But this is a skin LOADED with variations to choose from.
To do changes in the skin, you first have to install some files. To do this you need to have a storage media connected.
Navigate to:
# Graphics Menu
# PP standard skin setup
# BLUE (Install background files!)
Then choose where to install backround package, install them and reboot the box.

After reboot, navigate to:
# Graphics Menu
# PP standard skin setup
# GREEN (Start setup)

Then choose what version of the skin you would like to use. PP standard skin (with video preview) or PP standard skin without video preview.
Be aware. If you change videopreview in skin, you will have to reboot and then navigate back here.
At startup after changing to a skin without videopreview and OSD transparency is set to 100 %, you will see a popup asking to adjust OSD transparency.
Skin without videopreview calls for OSD transparency lower than 100 %. How much, is a matter of taste.
When adjusting down OSD transparency, you will see the TV picture be more and more visible behind the menu.
Be aware. If you adjust OSD transparency down to low, you will have problems reading menus and TTX-subtitles.
If you change from a skin without videopreview to a skin with videopreview you will be asked to adjust OSD transparency if it is set lower than 100 %

When you are about to do the actual changes in the skin, you will see right away what you are changing.
To the left on the screen you see a list of things that can be changed.
First in the list is "Skin favorites" You can store 10 different favorites. Meaning you have 10 different skins quickly avilable.
Next is "Skin background". As of now there are 53 different backgrounds to choose from.
Be aware. If you change color for "Menu text color" this color should be in contrast to the color in "Skin bakcground". The color chosen for "Menu text color" is used many places and SHOULD be in contrast to color in "Skin background".
Other points are self explanatory.

When you are done changing do the following.
GREEN (Save) This will save changes but not apply them as active skin.
YELLOW (Do the Magic!) This will save changes and ask you to reboot to start up with the latest changes as active skin.

When you wish to change between saved favorites, you choose the one you like to use and press YELLOW (Do the Macig!) The box will ask to reboot to apply the new skin.
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