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The original font set for Peter pan image have no support for the Cyrillic aphabet.

But thanks to @hecha71 and @oktus i can now provide a very good font as replacement.

Download the .zip file and exctract it's contense.

Then upload with ftp to folder /usr/share/fonts and

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This is the Shell in a box pluign. This plugin installs the web based Telnet Terminal

The terminal can be open stand alone or as an addon to the OpenWebif plugin.

I suggest you use it with OpenWebif and if you activate .deb file upload in OW

You have a very easy to use solution

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Here you can download OpenWebif and use instead of the DP Webinterface

This version comes with some extras so if you have installed BarryAllen and dBackup by ©gutemine

You can open both plugins web interface from OW where you can manage thoose plugins.

If you want

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