News: Update and fix for broken Rytec EPG importer can be found in download sextion

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October 21, 2017, 06:34:48 AM

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Welcome to Seagen Computers

This site is for all us who loves VU+ and Dreambox

I will share some of my experince and maybe give some tips & Tricks on how to best
Use your Enigma2 based Vu+ and Dreambox.

The site is still under construction so come back later for registration.

I will also collect images and plugins for easy fast download and its open for everyone
Just checkout the download section

There will be diffrent images for download but i only work with Blackhole and OpenBlackhole images.


Under Nordic FAQ lägger jag ut mina tips och trick på Svenska
Er bas kunskaps nivå så fint för dej som inte kan något om din mottagare

Alla artiklar är baserade på Blackhole image men som regel fungerar det lika på andra images.




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