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September 17, 2021, 05:54:19 AM

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New Peter Pan images for Dreambox One & Two UltraHD avalible now for registered users


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From today I will stop the development of this Peter Pan Image (Cowboy)
The good news is that the official Team Peter pan is in full swing making the official image again.

So go to to Digsat Home of Peter Pan and download your fresh PP image for all dreambox models oe2.5/2.6


Update for Arabic users.

From Plugin Menu >> PP Extensions >> Lanuage and settings >> Language Updates

You now find a font package you can install that makes Arabic language availible and also corrects the Arabic subtitles

Thanks to @mr-bond for his help with this

Update for dm900uhd fixing the broken standby lcd screen and optimize of code.
PP Extensions >> PP-Updates >> peterpan-fix 2021-04-15


The good news if you already don't now them is that is rescued and Peter Pans real home is back.

But to make everything new and fresh will be closed for 24h to improve and upgrade the forum software.

When all is done and all is OK we will move back to for main support. But i will keep this site open


Update avalible for Dreambox One & Two users who have an skin issue with DP Extensions

DP Software manager and scan for new channels.

Dreambox 900 UHD Update.

In PP extensions you will now find a new section where important updates are avalible.

This is more like an big servicepack. Package also upgrade the Russian translation

Special thank's to oigorrrrr & hecha71 for their support and for making a better PP image.

Peter Pan Image for Dreambox One & Two Ultra HD


Update server is open.

I do recomend that you do a full image backup to restore if something goes wrong.

All images in download section is updated and ready to use. (2021-03-18)

Backup and restore settings for fast upgrade

Read the dBackup Guide here


Important information to Dreambox Two users.

After updating the image some users report they have issues.

There is an fix for that in the PP Extensions manager.

GreenButton or Plugins menu >> GreenButton >> PP-Extra >> PP Update

install the bug fix and reboot. Now do a new software update to check that all your updates was perfomed.


Now avalible for registered users

I also added dm520/525 and dm900UHD in the old box download section.

Since this is a one man show and not a big Team you should see this image as an unstable Beta Project.

Also without my trusted Beta Test crew from this image would never been back :)

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