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September 23, 2017, 04:26:56 PM

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FTP Program we need to be able to change and upload files on our recive.

A good and easy to use ftp software is FileZilla you can download FileZilla here:

Once you have downloaded FileZill and installed the software just open it and
and fillout as shown in the image below

Host: Your recivers ip-address

Username: Almost everytime its: root

Password: Vu+ Almost everytime : nopassword leav blank. Dreambox Almost everytime ist: dreambox

port: 21

And Quickconnect:


Short info of the tree view in Filezilla FTP


So this is a short exemple of your ftp client and how to connect to your reciver.


Welcome to Seagen Computers

This site is for all us who loves TV

I will share some of my experince and maybe give some tips & Tricks on how to best
Use your Enigma2 based satelite reciver.

The site is still under construction so come back later for registration

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